Time To Talk Liam

TIME TO TALK LIAM is a not for profit charitable fund set up by family and friends to help pay for crucial autism intervention called Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy. Any money raised through fundraising activities will go towards the cost of Liam’s ABA therapy. Please donate any amount no matter how small with the confidence it will be used to help Liam achieve his true potential in life.

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Autism Awareness Post 5 – Time to Talk Liam

They say ‘what works for one child may not work for another’ when it comes to autism therapies due to the complexity of the condition and the fact every child is individual. This turned out to be true for us
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Autism Awareness Post 4 – ABA all the way!

Liam’s first ABA session was eye opening! Not only because the ABA therapist had him saying words again! But because she was also able to engage with him on her terms! The first thing we were taught was we had
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Autism Awareness Post 3 – Failing!

At a complete loss with how to communicate with our son and frustrated by his lack of progress at his special needs school, the lack of involvement from speech and language therapy and the lack of any sort of help
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